Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is very different from a muscle strain. Muscle pain or myalgia is the build-up of waste products that occur as a result of ineffective draining, which leads to the formation of local spasms called knots.

Muscle pain is usually dull and aching in nature, it can be a constant discomfort or occur in certain positions or movements. Muscle pain and knots are caused by placing a muscle in a certain position for a long period of time (constant contraction or shortening) or develop from over use as a result of constant repetitive movements, which allows for a build of waste products. It is this build of waste products that is responsible for causing muscular pain and the development of muscular knots. Muscular knots can be extremely painful and the pain maybe felt in the area of the muscular knot or in other sites of the body. The pain from the muscular knots can be so harsh at times that they mimic the radiating pain of pinched nerves. If these muscular knots form in the same area as the course of nerve roots they can compress the nerve causing pins and needles or a numb feeling in the that distribution of the nerve.

My Job as a Chiropractor is to remove the build of these waste products by improving the blood supply to muscular knot causing your pain. When waste products are completely removed your pain and muscular knot will resolve.