Chiropractic Care For Babies

Chiropractic Care For Babies

The use of light, gentle finger tip holding techniques are used to treat minor spinal problems that occur in new borns as a result from assisted or stressful births. The correction of these minor spinal problems may help with the following symptoms:


Feeding & Sleeping Difficulties

When you think about Chiropractic the last term you would associate a Chiropractor to is babies. The birthing process can be stressful at times especially when the birth runs into complications, leading to difficulty or assisted births involving instruments. These complications may affect spinal function, resulting in irritability or difficulties when it comes to sleeping or feeding. A good example of this if the baby only choose to feed one side due to lack of neck mobility preventing the child from feeding on the opposite side.

Dr James Parker is a family, orthopaedic and sports chiropractor who specialises in restoring any possible movement problems that may occur to joints of the spine. When these minor problems to spine occur it may lead to irritability and/or difficulty when the baby is placed in a certain position or moves in a certain way. This will impact the babies feeding and sleeping positions, resulting feeding and or sleeping difficulties or irritability.

Colic & Reflux

Irritability may also commonly result from gas build up, constipation or reflux which commonly occurs in C-section babies. In these cases Chiropractic care aims at reducing the symptoms that occur in these children. These particular types of irritability can be caused or made worse by improper feeding positions and burping techniques.

Dr James Parker, the family, orthopaedic and sports Chiropractor who is experienced and highly trained when it comes to treating these minor common conditions. He is based in the areas of Roodepoort and Krugersdorp and will provide you, the parent, with techniques on how to properly burp, wind and feed your child.